SHADE (Self-Help for Alcohol and other drug use and DEpression) is a computer based psychological treatment package for co-existing depression and alcohol or other drug use problems. In SHADE you’ll find 10 sessions which help you to learn the skills to manage your mood and gain control of your drinking or substance use.

Ideally the program is designed to be completed over a 10 week period to give you time to practice the skills between sessions. The text in the program is pitched at a reading age of 14 years, and a voiceover is available to read out all of the text contained in SHADE. If you have trouble turning any of these features on please ask your clinician for help.


DEAL is an internet-delivered, integrated treatment package for young people (aged 18–25 years) with co-occurring depression and alcohol use problems. DEAL consists of four modules that take around an hour each to complete. Ideally, the modules should be completed one per week over a 4-week period. The cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) and motivational interviewing (MI) techniques used in DEAL are designed to help you manage both depression and alcohol use problems.


iHeLP (i Healthy Lifestyle Program) is an innovative, evidence-based psychological treatment for improving cardiovascular and mental health among smokers. The online iHeLP program contains interactive components, including video demonstrations, voiceovers and in-session exercises. It will give you tips for reducing cigarette consumption and for improving diet and physical activity. This treatment program covers the relationship between smoking and depression and aims to teach you to cope with your desire to smoke, how to recognise and avoid high-risk situations for smoking, and how to plan alternative ways of coping with those situations where you usually smoke. In addition, the treatment program hopes to encourage an improvement in your diet and nutrition and to encourage a healthy level of physical activity. There are five treatment modules that you can work through at your own pace over the 10 weeks of the program.

Breaking the Ice

Breaking the Ice is an online intervention, which uses motivational interviewing and CBT methods to help amphetamine users to set and work towards goal regarding their use such as quitting completely, reducing drug use, and using in a less risky manner.

Module one explores typical problems, including: (1) relationships with family and friends, (2) health, (3) finances, (4) work/study, (5) legal issues, (6) mental health, and (7) specific drug use problems. The second module examines the pros and cons of stimulant use, and the likely good and bad things related to changing this behaviour. The last module focuses on behavioural change, including techniques such as: (1) setting clearly specified goals, (2) actions on specific dates, (3) strategies to help with controlling and overcoming cravings, (4) refusal skills, (5) managing a “slip”, and (6) an action plan to deal with high risk situations.